About Stockopedia

At Stockopedia.com we've a got a clear mission: to help individual investors beat the stock market. We've been doing this ever since we launched our initial online service for UK investors in 2012 through simple, academically proven methods applied at scale on big financial data. Since then we've grown our coverage to over 80 stock exchanges around the world, attracting more than ten thousand paying subscribers in 99 different countries in the process.

We've been acclaimed in the Financial Times, won "Best Investment Software" at the Shares Awards and are ranked in the top 3 services in the Investment Category on the independent reviews site Trustpilot.

What's more, we've barely started. We won't stop till we've hit a million subscribers globally and we need talent to get there. We're growing the team in both our Oxford, UK and Bangalore, India offices - if you love stock markets, love the web, love people... get in touch... we need you and can help you build a brilliant career !

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